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1 year ago, a couple old friends of Josh’s….Rob and Chris Culos, released their first single as their newly formed band ScreamCreature (with 3’rd member Danny Chaimson). This haunting, and enigmatic journey down the lost and passionate corridors of love struck a nerve. It told a story in a similar way that Josh and Jex had begun telling stories with their music as Subatomica, just using different instrumentation and form. Josh reached out, said ‘hey this is awesome, and I want you to hear what we’re up to as well!’. Next thing you know, a collaboration is under way. A collaboration that involves the same story, told through the mouths of different people. Much more than a remix, this is like a game of telephone with a piece of art. A story that has been passed down since humans could speak, and has been told a million different ways over the course of eternity.

We’ve had this collaboration finished and ready for your eardrums since the beginning of the summer, but have waited til now for you to hear it. Why? Because, as a juxtaposition to the beach laden-scenes of the original music video, we believe that this is a perfect track for the cold, dark, and stormy days of winter. 1 year in the making. And today, it is yours. Thank you for your patience.

Much love,

ScreamCreature & Subatomica


Soundcloud - @screamcreature



Bonfire Video - youtu.be/70_jm40HM4U

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